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Outer Banks Pool Heater

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The best way to take full advantage of your swimming pool on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is to have a longer swimming  season. With a pool heater you can extend your swimming pool season at least 2 to 4 more months on the Outer Banks than without a pool heater. It gives you such peace of mind knowing you will all ways have a comfortable water temperature in your pool, even if we get a lot of rain and cool off the swimming pools drastically overnight, the pool heaters turn on and heat your pool to the desired temperature that you pre set.

Now that you have decided that it is a great idea to have a heated pool, there are several different types of pool heaters for you to choose from:

Natural Gas and Propane Pool Heaters-

Pentair Sta-rite gas pool heater. Propane gas heater. This type of unit is usually better for a smaller body of water. A gas pool heater will use much more energy than some of the other options available on the market today. The gas pool heater usually tend to need a lot of service and routine maintence to operate properly and efficiently. The only true benefit to this type of heater usually is that they are the least expensive heater to purchase and can operate year round. A gas pool heater can run in the coldest of nights and still heat the pool. Gas heaters do not have a thermal barrier like an electric pool heat pump has one that will shut it self down when the air temp gets down to the 40’s.


Electric Heat pumps

Heat Siphon pool heat pump This is one of the most cost effective ways to heat a pool. The only down fall is that when the Outside air temperature get to Cold the Electric pool heater will shut it self off to protect the heater.  One of the great qualities of a heat pump is They usually use about 60 to 80% less energy than a Natural Gas or Propane Heater. An Electric Heat Pump will use very little energy to maintain a optimum pool tempature. This heater is just like a house heat pump that uses the outdoor air tempature to heat your pool water. electric pool heaters are ideal for the Outer banks because of its rugged design and the fact that some electric pool heaters have a way to cool the pool temperature, which makes that great in the dog days of summer. This is usually an upgrade on the unit.

Solar Pool Heating-

Hayward Solar pool heat. This is a very GREEN Solution. Solar pool heating is catching on pretty quick on the Outer Banks. The Pros are that it basically uses the suns energy to heat your pool. You usually have Solar Collector Panels mounted on the roof that heats the water as it passes through the solar collectors. This is a very inexpensive and smart way to heat your swimming pool water, but solar pool heating has  its limitations. First of all you need to have quite a few days with sun. If it is a cloudy or very cool day, you may not get much pool heating back to the pool. It will all ways take longer to initially heat the pool but does a great job maintaining solar pool heat.


Pool Heat Loss at night-

It does not matter which pool heater you finally decide on, one very important factor is to be sure that you  can control the amount of heat that you will lose at night. The best way to do this is to have a Solar Pool Blanket that covers your water.  The next best product is what they call a Liquid Solar Blanket. This option is at least 50% less  effective then a Solar Blanket, but kinda works. You  simply add a few ounces of Solar Blanket to your pool every week or you can have a small pump that feeds the Solar Blanket as needed. The liquid Solar Blanket is defiantly more effective than using nothing at all. But if i was to choose what to use to help hold in pool heat my vote goes to a thicker solar blanket.


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