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Outer Banks Pool Repair

Outer Banks Pool RepairBox pool repairrBarefoot Pool Service can handle all of your swimming pool and spa repairs, (252)564-9888

Our pool repair services is cost effective and tailored for all types of swimming pools.

We are licensed and bonded; Our technicians adhere to all State Health codes…Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Everyone wants the best maintenance and repair for the most affordable price. Our prices are subject to an inspection of your pool. If we can save you money by replacing a part rather than selling you a whole new unit, that’s what we will do. We have been repairing pools on the Outer Banks for over a decade.  From really small problems to big pool problems.  Barefoot Pool Service has the Ability and knowledge to take any Pool repair on the Outer Banks


What Barefoot Pool Service has to Offer 

Pool and Spa Inspection report:

Buying or selling a home with a swimming pool or spa? Give us a call! We can inspect the overall condition of your pool or spa along with the functionality and condition of remaining life-span of the equipment and email you our findings, recommendations and estimated repair costs. The cost for this service is typically $95.

(In some special cases we also have an indepth official multiple page written inspection report we can provide for an additional $70)

Spa Hot tub  Troubleshooting and Repairs:

Spa Hot tub stop working or malfunctioning? Many pool service companies do not repair or service Spas, hot tubs, digital or analog control systems, we surely do and are experts in this field.

We do charge a service call charge to troubleshoot and diagnose digital and
analog spa equipment control packs and electric heaters. The fee is $85.00. However, when you go with our estimate the $85.00 fee is applied toward the approved repair.

Spa Covers:

Replacement spa covers from $375! If you live on the Outer Banks service coverage area we will come to your home and measure your spa cover at no additional charge along with providing color samples Call 252-564-9888

Spa Moving & Relocation Service:

Moving and want to take your hot tub to your new house? or, just purchased a spa and not sure how to get it home? Then give us a call! We can move your spa anywhere in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Pool Heater Troubleshooting and Repair:

Pool heater stop working? Pool heater repairs are our #1 call next to pool service. We are the experts in pool heater repair service. When your pool heater stops working we can troubleshoot and repair any pool heater. Call us today to schedule a pool heater evaluation for your pool or spa 252-564-9888

Equipment Upgrades:
Old Equipment? Ready to Automate your system to control everything from the touch of a button? Or upgrade to a salt system over to the latest LoNox gas fired heater? Whatever your need from one component to an entire equipment removal and replacement we can help! Call us today to schedule an evaluation of your pool or spa 252-564-9888

Acid Washing:

Acid Wash Typically every 5 to 7 years a pool should be drained and acid washed to remove discoloring caused by chemicals. An acid wash is, put simply, purposeful stripping of a tiny layer of plaster, exposing fresh plaster beneath.
An acid wash will generally remove superficial stains, fine scale deposits, and various colored deposits from the plaster. The process strips off (dissolves) a very thin layer of plaster, and will therefore generally restore 75 to 85% of the plaster’s brightness. An acid wash will not remove heavy deposits or stains that have penetrated through many layers of plaster.

As a rule of thumb, acid washing a pool should be done only by a licensed professional.

Pool Tile Cleaning & Repair Services

We have developed a process to remove the calcium from your pools waterlinewithout etching your tile. Our process uses water with a fine powder to remove calcium and bring your tile back to that brand new look-clean and polished.

No sealer is needed because we do not damage your tile. Our process is not just for your pools tile, but canbe used on all your property hardscapes. Missing or loose tiles?

Water Changing & New Water Start-up:

Pool water should be completely drained and changed approximately every 3 to 5 years or when TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) exceed 2,000 ppm. Call us today to schedule an evaluation of your pool or spa 252-564-9888

New Plaster Start-up:

If you have just invested thousands of dollars on new plaster, pebble tech, or fiberglass coating it is imperative you have the “start-up” process followed through by professionals that know water chemistry and the process of balancing out your water in the first two weeks after plastering before it has had the opportunity to cure. Improper start-up can cause staining and even void your builder’s warranty!

Pool and Spa Lighting:

Lights stop working? Ready to upgrade to color changing S.A.M, color wheel, fiber-optic or L.E.D color changing lighting? Had another company tell you it can’t be replaced? Or unsure if your lights are safe to swim or protected by a G.F.I (ground fault circuit interrupter)?

Filter Cleaning Service:

How frequently your filter needs to be torn down, inspected, and cleaned is dependent upon several factors. (the size of your pool, size of your pool filter, the type of pool filter you have, bather and contaminant loads. Most manufactures recommend a minimum of twice a year complete filter tear down and cleaning. We can come out one time, once a year, or every six months as needed.

Green Pool Turn Around Service:

Did your pool turn green overnight? Pool Dude stop showing? We can help get your pool back into shape. Call us, we will know what to do.

Salt Systems (Maintenance/Cleans and Conversions):

Many pool companies do not service swimming pools or spas that have been converted to salt chlorination systems.  Contrary to popular belief salt chlorinated pools do not operate themselves. They require a higher level of monitoring, salt cell cleaning, and constant adjustment of Ph and alkalinity. Pool Salt Systems are expensive and require maintenance.

Pool Cleaning on Corolla North CarolinaOuter Banks Pool Maintenance
We are the Outer Banks most reliable pool service company! We are a full service pool and spa company and have been helping OBX pool and spa owners enjoy their pools since 2004 We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Whether you need a weekly pool cleaning service, bi weekly spa cleaning, pool heater repair, pool equipment repair, replacement or upgrade we can help! We will show up on time, do a great job at a fair price and that’s just what we strive to do. Give us a call, we’re here to help you! 252-564-9888 or email

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