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New Outer Banks vinyl liner

New Outer Banks vinyl liner installed in nags head North Carolina. This vinyl liner has a nice dark blue color.  This is a 27 mill Latham pool liner. The nice dark blue color helps absorb a lot of sunlight helping keep the pool warm warmer than a light colored vinyl liner. We have over 30 different patterns to choose from. Some of the different pool liners we carry our Latham pool products,  GLI vinyl liners and also pool builders supply  vinyl liners. This makes choosing a liner for any budget possible. We install premium pool liners all over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We make all repairs necessary to the pool bottom to pool walls and also the main drains the skimmers in the return Jets. We use all new O-rings plates and drains. When we are finished it will look like a brand-new pool. Call Barefoot Pool Service at 252-564-9888. Or contact us here

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