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Outer Banks Hot Tub Hall of Shame

Hot Tub Hall of ShameOuter Banks hot tub hall of shame. In our buisness of Pools and Spas theses are the things that come up through out our day. Nasty Hot tubs that “looked liked that when we got here”. We are scheduled to go by the property twice a week and service the pool and spa. So a day or 2 goes by and the hot tub looks something like split pea soup. This could happen in many different ways but the bottom line is that the chlorine gets knocked out of the water and the filter backs up with what ever was in the tub. Spilling drinks eating food in the tub sunscreen body oil hair oil and all of the rolls that the shower had missed.

Outer Banks Pool Service

Pretty gross huh? That is when you call Barefoot Pool Service at (252) 573-9686 and we will show up on time and make it right. When the Hot tub looks like this you need to dump the tub and scrub it clean soak the filters and balance the water Please if you are new to hot tubs and you see a hot tub that looks like that please do not go in. By doing this i will have saved you a trip to the doctors office for Spa Rash or worse . Be smart people when you are here on vacation and are enjoying your Outer Banks Pool and Spa.

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