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Hayward AquaRite 900 Series Expert Line Salt Generators

Hayward AquaRite 900 Series Expert Line Salt Generators with
Extended Life Turbo Cells


Up-To 90,000 L / 25,000 gal                          Up-To 150,000 L / 40,000 gal
AQR925-CUL                                                         AQR940-CUL


The AquaRite 900 line of salt chlorination systems feature an Extended Life TurboCell and are part of the new Expert Line of products, which are not available for internet resale.Extended Life TurboCell Benefits:

• Produces 25% More Chlorine Than Standard AquaRite Models!
• Cuts Chlorine Costs By 50% Or More!
• Industry Best 4-Year Warranty


Hayward is the Global Leader is Salt water Chlorination

As the global leader in salt chlorination, Hayward® provides luxuriously soft water and the most convenient sanitization method on the market to millions of pool owners around the world. With the introduction of AquaRite 900, Hayward is taking industry-leading technology to the next level. AquaRite 900 is designed to provide the same superior salt chlorination you expect from Hayward, but with an Extended Life TurboCell, it produces 25% more chlorine over its lifetime than our leading AquaRite systems. The Extended Life TurboCell cuts your chlorine costs by 50% or more, to less than $1 per pound. Plus, with an industry best 4-year warranty, you can relax in the comfort of your pool completely worry-free.


Because salt chlorination provides automatic, consistent sanitization —avoiding the highs and lows of manual chlorine addition—salt chlorinated water won’t irritate eyes, dry out skin or cause fabrics to fade. The gentle sanitization process eliminates harsh chlorine odors while creating velvety smooth water that feels unbelievably luxurious.

Salt chlorination systems automatically convert dissolved salt into a virtually endless supply of chlorine, so you can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it. No more mixing and measuring harsh, factory-produced liquid or tablet chlorine— just jump in and relax with total peace of mind.

As a steady supply of fresh, natural chlorine continuously circulates throughout your pool, you can expect to cut your chlorine costs by at least 50%. By keeping water chemistry perfectly balanced, salt chlorination can also extend the life of your pool and spa, saving you expensive replacement costs down the road.

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