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SunSalt Salt Water Sanitizing System


The Sunsalt pool sanitizing system has been designed from the ground up to withstand the harshest weather condition in the Sunbelt. From the tropical summer rains of Florida and the Southeast to the deserts of the Southwest, this rugged system has been designed specifically to work effectively under the hottest conditions. Sunsalt technology allows the system to continue to sanitize your pool even when other systems have shut down due to adverse conditions.



1.    LED icons indicate low salt, no flow, cell scale/end of life
2.    Boost button for 24 hour super chlorination
Adjustable UV sunscreen protects controil panel
3.    Adjust chlorine level at the push of a button
4.    Fully integrated digital circuitry eleminates heavy copper wire coils inside.
5.    Oversized anodized aluminum heat sink assures cool running under the hottest conditiions
Open range connection for easy 110v or 220v installations


1.  Deep threaded unions ensure a tight seal preventing leaks
2.   Extra thick reinforced cell walls
3.   High end extra large electrode plates for a long lasting chlorine generation
4.   Reinforced ribs making one of the strongest cells on the market
5.   Two inch unions make fitting to most standard plumbing quick and easy

SunSalt offers a 5 year limited transferable warranty. The warranty maybe transferred at any time during the 5 year warranty period and features a two years full coverage replacement of any defective system component. Years 3 – 5 of the warranty provides replacement parts at a prorated discount.
Please contact us if you have any questions about your system

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