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Outer Banks Pools and Spas Service and Repair

Outer Banks Pools and SpasOuter Banks Pools and Spas Starts with Barefoot Pool Service, we pride ourselves on not just on being your average “pool guy” but taking it another step forward. We have been in the Pool Service Industry for over a decade and saw a need for more attention to old fashioned customer service in addition to just taking care of your pool week after week. Your business is important to us and each of our clients means as much as the next. We pride ourselves on creating and building trust and friendships in addition to our business agreement. We are the face of your home in some cases for many people in season and are proud to represent you and help take care of part of your investment. We are insured & licensed by the State of North Carolina and are National Certified Pool Operators. Using our knowledge and expertise, we thoroughly evaluate every pool, spa, pump system etc, discuss the client’s needs and what possibly needs attention, immediate or not as far as maintaining your equipment. Our prices are very competitive, our service par excellence. When it Comes to Outer Banks Pools and Spas You can rest assured that once hired, we are always there for you!

If we don’t offer what you need we can also refer you to someone who can. We have an extensive network of relationships from Landscaping to General Maintenance so you and your renters can just relax and enjoy the experience of your dream paradise!

Outer Banks Pools and Spas Vinyl LinerAt Barefoot Pool Service, our MISSION is to protect and service your pool investment while maintaining a safe aquatic environment. Barefoot Pool Service is dedicated to quality and reliable service to you and your guests. Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Our goal is to constantly exceed your expectations with our dedication to responsiveness, quality work and efficiency. We will always be fair, reasonable and take the time to work through any questions you ever have.

If you are interested in speaking with us at Barefoot Pool Service and/or receiving a service estimate, please Contact Us at 252-564-9888



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