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We have been servicing pool on the Outer Banks for the last 12 years but have been a Pool Guy on the Outer Banks for over 20 years. In this time in the industry we have proven to be reliable and honest to our customers. We have some customers that we have been maintaining there pool and spa for 18 years. We Pride ourselves on quality work at a fair price. We understand that your pool and spa is an important investment to your house. We pride ourselves on not getting call backs. in our business no news is good news. Communication is key and we do our best to answer all phone calls texts and emails in a timely manor. finding problems and repairing them before they become a big problem is key. this is something we excel in. We keep pools and equipment rooms in top notch conditons to avoid the call backs and to keep you and your guests happy year after year.


Pride in what we do. We understand that your Pool and Spa is the highlight with your family and guests. We understand that a clean and perfectly running pool helps keep you and your guests coming back year after year with zero complaints and being able to solve a problem before it becomes a problem ane a complaint .

Communication is key to being successful with happy customers and guests. we take pride in being able to respond quickly if a problem or question arises

We Look after your Pool and property like it was our own
We maintainn your pool and property like our family is on vacation
Communication is Key to success
We are Friendly and outgoing to help keep you and your guests smiling

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